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Registration Information

Why would my company need to register for VAT and what are the important considerations?

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If a business no longer makes taxable supplies in a country, and has no reason to be registered for VAT, de-registration or de-activation from VAT may be required.

Businesses who provide goods or services in a jurisdiction with a VAT regime must comply with the relevant VAT laws of that country, and this will often include registration and filing requirements.

All EU and many non-EU countries permit non-resident VAT registration if a business undertakes taxable activity in the country. Rules for registration may differ to those for local businesses.

Reporting Obligations

Once registered, you will need to be aware of the various returns that need to be filed and how all transactions should be declared.

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Once registered for VAT, you will be obligated to make periodic declarations of all transactions. These VAT returns are usually due every month or quarter.

Businesses making taxable supplies must charge VAT at the applicable rate. VAT incurred for taxable activity is recoverable subject to EU and local legislation and is offset against output tax.

If a business makes sales to businesses VAT registered elsewhere in the EU, filing of an EC sales list will be necessary.

VAT Compliance & Technical

Our experienced team of VAT consultants provides the expertise your business needs to deal with international VAT issues in a practical and cost-effective manner.

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Importers must consider the practical issues relating to customs clearance. Many countries require that you appoint a local agent to act as importer of record - this is independent of VAT compliance

Chain transactions occur where numerous parties are involved in a number of supplies. The VAT treatment can be complex and should be verified to ensure compliance.

Where businesses keep stock locally to meet customer needs quickly, this may be classed as call-off or consignment stock. The VAT treatment of these differ and simplifications may be available.


There are certain industries and regions that will have special VAT rules or requirements.

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