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2020’s Leading VAT Compliance Companies

So, your business is starting to make a decent turnover, and you’re needing to register for VAT. Where do you start? For many, and in particular those offering cross-border services, it can be a rather daunting prospect to get going. Learning about thresholds, rules, compliance reporting and legislation changes can make it an arduous task, when you’re also trying to focus on continuing the growth trajectory for your business.

That’s why it is better to chat to a VAT compliance company about your needs, getting expert advice and ensure you stay on track with your commitments throughout each financial year. We’ve highlighted a couple of the leading VAT compliance companies you should consider, each of which will put you well on your way in the process.


1StopVAT specialises in streamlining your growth, taking care of all your international tax compliance in the process. They essentially offer an integrated network of tax agencies from around the globe, acting as a hub for specialists in different regions, each with their own legislation and rules. Their services include VAT/GST registration, VAT/GST reporting and tax advisory services. They have an in-house solution for tracking your sales, which acts as a buffer and can be used to cross-reference your own sales figures at the end of a fiscal year. With clients of multitude of nationalities, international tax challenges are their game and their reputation in the industry is growing steadily each year.

French Duncan

French Duncan has a diverse history which dates back to the early 1900’s. Don’t let this fool you however, as they are predominantly focused on offering modern solutions in what is an increasingly fast-paced global business climate. With five offices across Scotland, over fifteen partners and a staff in excess of 200, it’s clear that they have become an authority in the tax field. As a rule, their business model is designed around a client focus, being mindful that their sustainability is largely dependent on the success and compliance of the businesses they consult for. While embracing modern technology, improving in-house platforms and providing training, they offer a broader tax solution, over and above solid VAT compliance procedures.


Vatglobal has been a leader for outsourced international VAT solutions for quite some time. They operate out of a global network which serves over 12 000 clients, in over 115 countries in the world. Their focus is broad, servicing start-ups, SMEs and corporates, in a diverse range of industries. Some of their more renowned services include managing multi-jurisdictional VAT and GST registrations, as well as offering around the clock compliance and reporting. If you’re doing cross-border transactions and are worried about the changing landscape of international tax, Vatglobal will be able to offer you peace of mind, no matter how big or small your query is.


RSM traces its roots back to the 19th century, with founding firms operating in London and Liverpool. Between 1988 and 2015, the company was known as Baker Tilly, going through a rebrand, which subsequently brought in a new stream of clients. With a rapidly evolving business thanks to technology and communications advancements, they are fast becoming a global powerhouse. Their global client testimonials speak for themselves. What is most notable about their approach to offering tax and VAT solutions, is that they have a strong, collaborative approach towards their clients. You will learn along with them, empowering you to make smarter decisions, as well as to give you an understanding of the processes needed for your business to remain compliant.

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