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Amazon API

If you sell goods online via Amazon, you will need to download relevant sales reports from Seller Central in order to file VAT returns. Vatglobal automates this process using an API.

An API is simply a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access another service. Amazon allows accredited businesses to use an API to extract data from their Seller Central system (if the seller gives the third party permission, of course).

Vatglobal API Access

Vatglobal has developed a secure API connection with Seller Central so we can automate the extraction of the relevant VAT Transactions report for you each period.

The data is pulled from Seller Central as soon as it is available, and is imported directly into our compliance software. This software sits on a very secure cloud-based platform and we comply with all the relevant GDPR legislation in the EU, so the data is both secure and compliant.

By giving us API access to your account, we can streamline and automate your VAT reporting each period and let you focus on selling your products!

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