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Austria implements VAT registration requirement for Amazon Sellers

Amazon has implemented a VAT registration requirement for retailers selling items in Austria.

Retailers need to upload their  Austrian VAT number on Amazon’s Seller Central by December 31, 2020. If they fail to adhere to the requirement, they risk suspension of their account.

The eCommerce giant is now liable to share with the Austrian Tax Authorities information related to the transactions carried out in the country, including the identity of the sellers and the Austrian VAT number.

This is in accordance with the Austria Digital Tax Act 2020, and in line with what is already happening in a number of other EU countries.

When do you need to have a VAT number in Austria?

When You:

  • Operate outside Austria but store goods in Austria for sale to customers.

  • Sell goods to customers in Austria that are delivered from another EU country. And the value of these sales exceed €35k in the current or prior year.

  • Are established in Austria and make taxable supplies in excess of €30k per year.

Need assistance?

If you’re unsure of whether you are required to register for VAT in Austria or you need help with your administration and filing, Vatglobal can help. get in touch today via email or by leaving your details on our website.

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