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Managing international VAT obligations is an ongoing challenge for businesses.

VAT legislation changes all the time, and as your business engages in new types of operations, or moves into new markets, your VAT obligations will change.

Every business needs a trusted partner who can expertly guide them through VAT legislation and ensure they meet all their global VAT obligations in the most cost-effective way possible.

  • Consulting services customised to your specific business needs
  • Global expertise, practical experience
  • Local experts who speak your language

International Focus

Our global team will provide a consultant who specialises in the geographic areas in which your business operates.

Multilingual Staff

Our global team is fluent in 12 languages, enabling us to liaise with tax offices around the world in local languages.

Practical Insights

We provide practical business guidance that gets results.
Cross-border VAT compliance is extremely complex, but one simple fact is unavoidable: you cannot afford to miss deadlines or fail to meet your compliance obligations.
Our team of experts will analyse your company’s operations and provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to ensure you meet all your global VAT obligations.

Our expertise in international VAT compliance are unmatched


Focus on international VAT issues:

Each of our consultants is an expert in a particular geographical region and also has a core competency in cross-border VAT legislation.
The Vatglobal consultancy team is collectively fluent in 12 languages, ensuring we have the capabilities to deal locally with our local and international clients.
Our consultants are concentrated at our London head office, with additional support based locally across the VAT IT network. This concentration of knowledge allows us to gain efficiencies of scale and share ideas.
We believe in giving advice that provides practical solutions to our clients’ problems.

Consulting Services

Import/Export & Customs guidance

Import VAT Recovery. Customs Clearance. VAT Compliance. EORI Registration.

Advice on European VAT Legislation

Online retailing (Distance Selling). Statutory reporting obligations. Revenue Threshold. e-Services.

VAT Training for Key Staff

General VAT principles. EU legislation. Invoicing. Reporting obligations. Business-specific scenarios.

VAT Helpdesk

24-hour helpdesk via phone or email.

VAT Reviews

Expense Reviews for Input VAT Recovery

VAT Reclaim. Supporting Documentation Requirements. Expense System Configuration. VAT Manuals.

VAT Rate Reviews

Analysis of standard, reduced and zero-rated supplies. Avoid incorrect declaration of VAT. Examination of product base and historic treatment.

VAT Scan

Correct VAT treatments. Compliant invoicing and reporting. Maximisation of VAT recovery and efficient VAT structuring (triangulation, VAT grouping).

Complex VAT Structures

Specific Consultancy on Complex VAT Legal Issues

Legal precedent based on case law. Practical approach to legislation. Legal entity structural guidance.

Transaction Analysis

Analysis of revenue and expenditure streams, supply chains and flow of goods.

Tax Authority Liaison

Management of VAT Inspections and Investigations

VAT audits. Query resolutions. Reporting-specific correspondence.

Appeals against Assessment and Demands

Refund rejections. VAT liability review. Response to legislative demands.

Our expertise in international VAT compliance are unmatched

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