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Vatglobal’s automated VAT solution for e-commerce sellers

If your business sells goods to private individuals around the world (e-commerce sellers), whether it be via your own web shop or a platform, it is highly likely you will have multiple VAT compliance obligations.

Vatglobal offers a technology-enabled managed compliance solution to help businesses deal with the innumerable challenges that are created when navigating this complex international VAT landscape.

The service is built on three fundamental pillars:

  • Proprietary software which serves as an online platform, workflow system and compliance engine that integrates with your selling platform to automate the VAT compliance process.
  • A global legal network and infrastructure that allows us to act as your agent in all countries.
  • Comprehensive intellectual property and global VAT expertise.

Let us do the dirty work

Vatglobal offers a centralised, outsourced solution for businesses who require assistance with their VAT compliance in multiple jurisdictions.

VAT Compliance comprises 3 core services:

  • Registration and fiscal representation.
  • Integration with our proprietary software to facilitate the submission of statutory VAT declarations.
  • Compliance support and technical advisory.

The Human Touch

A technically proficient Enterprise team of VAT consultants and account managers offer dedicated support to our clients. Your account manager will make it their business to understand yours, and ensure you are 100% compliant in all countries.

Cloud-based VAT registration

We have developed a cloud-based portal where clients we represent for VAT services can log in to share information, documents, data and find a general status update for all work.

The portal facilitates the process of obtaining VAT registrations or transferring the representation of existing VAT numbers to Vatglobal.

vsuite platform

We have developed a secure and transparent online platform to share data and communicate with your account manager. This cloud-based portal will give you a full overview of your VAT account, a simple view of all registrations, deadlines and payments and a mechanism to review VAT returns, make payment and communicate with your account manager.

Electronic VAT Return Submission

Wherever possible, we have developed API’s with the tax offices to facilitate electronic VAT return filing. This means the submissions can be made by the click of a button via our vsuite platform. Where this functionality is not yet available, vsuite sends the draft VAT return into a queue where a dedicated filing team logs into the relevant tax office portal to submit.

Automatic data extraction by API

Instead of having to download the reports each period and send them to us manually, we can very easily retrieve this data for you by using an API we have with Amazon and other relevant e-commerce platforms.

If you authorise us, we can simply extract the relevant files directly from your platform account each period. The files will be imported into our vfile compliance system (which is on a secure cloud platform called vsuite) and the VAT liability will then be automatically calculated, and VAT returns created. You will have to do nothing except pay the liability amount which we will send to you immediately.

This will automate the VAT reporting each period and ensure everything is finalised within a few days of the start of every month

Automation in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Where data is not automatically extracted via an API, Vatglobal’s workflow system will send an automatic reminder to the client to advise that a VAT filing is due, and our client must log in to submit additional data.

Step 2:

Client logs into the vsuite portal and uploads the relevant data required to prepare the VAT return. This data should contain the lists of all relevant transactions (purchases and sales).

Step 3:

Vatglobal account manager is notified that data is available and processes it in vfile (using the compliance and filing engine for analytics and to prepare Draft VAT return).

Step 4:

The Draft VAT return is uploaded to the portal for review and approval by the client. Once approved, the draft is either filed automatically by API from vfile or sent to the Vatglobal filing team who will connect to the relevant tax office portal to submit the return. The system will automatically alert the client of the VAT return outcome (payment required, or refund claimed), including payment instructions if relevant.

The Vatglobal solution is secure, transparent and automated – but with a human touch. It is a true centralised VAT compliance solution for the digital economy.

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