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If you run an e-commerce business that sells goods or services via your own website or an online platform (such as Amazon or eBay), staying ahead of rapidly changing VAT legislation can be enormously challenging.

Our Managed Compliance service handles the burden for you, ensuring you are never exposed to legal challenges or penalties.

How it works

Business registration

Vatglobal will register your business using our portal.

Data integration/extraction

Using our proprietary vsuite portal, VAT transaction data can be easily uploaded for processing.

VAT filings

We have developed APIs to integrate with local tax offices, making submission of returns as simple as logging in and clicking a button.

Account Management Team

Our team is comprised of specialised tax consultants and expert support staff to ensure even the most complex regulatory requirements are met.

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We make meeting your European VAT obligations simple.


E-commerce, online retailers and marketplace sellers

According to European law, any businesses that sell goods directly to customers via the internet (on your own website or on a platform such as Amazon or Facebook) will be obliged to register for VAT if either of the following requirements is met:

1. Ownership of stock in a foreign country

  • If your goods are stored in a foreign European warehouse or fulfilment centre, you are obliged to register your business in those European countries the moment your stock is stored in those countries.
  • If you use Amazon’s FBA service, you are obliged to register in all countries in which you use fulfilment centres.
  • Use of Amazon’s Pan FBA service requires immediate registration in 7 countries.

2. Distance sale

If you export goods from your local jurisdiction into other EU countries, you are required to register in each of those countries once you exceed their country-specific sales threshold.

Your VAT obligation

If you are required to register for VAT, your obligation will consist of two steps:

  • Initial VAT registration.
  • Ongoing VAT submission, at frequencies specified by each country.

Our Managed Compliance solution makes the whole process easy. We will manage all your VAT reporting obligations for you, so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

End to end compliance

  • Guidance on which jurisdictions require compliance
  • Outsources VAT/GST Registrations
  • Automated VAT Reports
  • Backdated filing to ensure historic compliance
  • Simple 3rd party integrations
  • Fiscal representation
  • Ongoing compliance support
  • Liaise with the tax offices and tax agents
  • VAT consulting
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Automated error checks
  • Automated File My Deadline reminders

Our expertise in international VAT compliance is unmatched

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