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Enhancing eCommerce Business Solutions

Ecommerce stores with high-volume transactions need a solid infrastructure to run their portals smoothly. Many rapidly growing online stores operate their business on a platform that can help manage thousands of customers and high web traffic. 

If you are looking for an eCommerce business solution that suits your business type, it can be a daunting task. The market is cluttered with so many platforms, and choosing the right one is never easy. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to get an eCommerce business to a competitive level, and you would not want to lose that momentum by selecting an eCommerce solution that lags in performance, like website outage. Issues like this could pull your business back to where it was before.

On top of it, the platform you choose should be able to handle high-volume transactions and run smoothly all the time. Also, your employees can get full access to the relevant tools to take the necessary actions for order fulfillment, customer services, and others. 

In this post, our focus will be on enhancing eCommerce business solutions, be it by upgrading a business or through integration with top-notch eCommerce platforms.

What are eCommerce Business Solutions?

Ecommerce business solutions typically provide a platform for eCommerce stores that help them run their business digitally. 

Currently, the range of eCommerce businesses solutions is extensive, including the ones that enable even traditional businesses to create, design, and run their businesses online. There are also a few solutions that focus on a specific problem. 

For example, a company that sells grocery items online might hire or buy services of an eCommerce solution provider to manage its bandwidth issue. 

In another example, an electronic products merchant that seeks a solution to improve its online checkout process for customers might integrate with a specialized platform for a shopping cart service.

Over the years, as the needs of eCommerce stores have become more complex, the demand for specialized solutions has gone up too. Keeping this in mind, many eCommerce business solutions providers focus on offering packaged solutions designed to meet various business requirements. 

These days, eCommerce stores manage different aspects of their digital businesses online, starting from meeting customer demands through various channels, supply chain management, analytics, and more. It means eCommerce stores want solutions much more than just transactional support. 

Ecommerce businesses need solutions that will help them develop relationships with their customers, whether it is B2B, B2C, or online marketplace model. This is where top eCommerce business solutions providers come in. 

Top eCommerce Business Solutions

Selecting the right eCommerce business solution is crucial for your business because you should feel secure using that platform, and it is something that will stay with your business for a long time.

There is no specific way to choose an eCommerce solution provider. You need to take into account what your business needs from that platform.

You need to consider the factors below when picking an eCommerce business solution platform:

  • Its ability to integrate with your eCommerce store and social media;
  • Easy and smooth navigation;
  • Multiple and secure payment methods;
  • Easy add-on features;
  • It is mobile-friendly.

These five points are crucial to consider when deciding on the eCommerce solution you need for your online site. 

You need to be able to integrate it with your website and social media platform quickly. It needs to be easy to navigate. It should include a payment method that you can trust and that you feel comfortable using.

Additionally, you need to consider whether you are selling physical items that you will ship to customers or digital products that they will download online.


Shopify is a leading cloud-based, multi-channel eCommerce platform that designs solutions for small and medium eCommerce businesses. 

Online merchants can use Shopify to set up, design, and manage their online stores across different sales channels, such as web, marketplaces, social media, mobile, and pop-up shops. 

Shopify also offers eCommerce merchants an efficient back-office and a broad view of their business. Shopify is well-known for its reliability, scale, and enterprise-level technology that enable online businesses to run smoothly.  

Currently, Shopify provides services to more than 800,000 businesses in nearly 150 countries. Many reputable brands, including Tesla Motors, Red Bull, LA Lakers, Budweiser, the New York Stock Exchange, and others run their online stores using Shopify.

Shopify has a sleek and pro-looking interface that allows merchants to create an attractive storefront without any knowledge in coding. 


SKUBana is an eCommerce order and inventory management solutions, provider. According to the company, it helps modern businesses deliver on their promises.

The SKUBana platform helps eCommerce stores seamlessly integrate all their products, order fulfilments, and sales channels on a single platform. No matter whether you sell products through wholesale or retail marketplaces, your store will always be there to meet customers’ needs. 

The automation tools of this platform can generate Pos/forecasts, spot perfect shipping deals, and seek scopes for cost-cutting and profitability on its own. Besides removing the chances of human error, SKUBana also saves you precious time.

By using the solutions of SKUBana, you can increase your store’s margins, bottom line, and operational efficiency with detailed and accurate data on individual SKUs and operations. 

Combining with predictive analytics, you can forecast the growth of your business with complete clarity and confidence.


ShippingChimp is another prominent cloud-based eCommerce business solutions platform that makes the life of retailers easier by automatically syncing their orders, logistics data, and customer information in one place to enhance customer experience and increase repeat purchases rates.

The major solutions of ShippingChimp for eCommerce businesses are below: 

Real-Time Shipment Tracking: Through real-time shipment tracking, the entire delivery process will be visible to you. This way, you can stay updated about order delivery status at all times.

Customize Delivery Messages: You can customize delivery notifications to customers. Through personalization, you can add your brand’s unique voice to your last mile notifications.  

Branded Tracking Page: You can recommend products based on customers’ buying history. Do not forget your customers after checkout. Keep sending them product updates on your branded order tracking page.

Facilitating Order Returns: You can make your brand appear more credible and stay ahead of your competition by providing easy returns facilities to customers. Empower your customers to send a return request from your online store. 

Delivery Exception Reporting: By using ShippingChimp, you can make delivery exception reporting hassle-free. Help customers who want to report if their delivery experience is not up to their expectations. Manage delivery exceptions without blaming your shipping partner.


If you are running an eCommerce business that sells products or services through your website (E.g., Amazon or eBay), keeping up with the fast-changing VAT legislation can be a challenge.

The new EU eCommerce became effective from July 1, 2021. The new legislation is complex, and it will affect online sellers in the EU. However, basic knowledge and understanding of this legislation can help you make practical changes to adapt to the changing situation. 

Vatglobal has unmatched expertise in providing services regarding international VAT compliance. It is a technology-driven company and makes sure that its specialization has the backing of sophisticated digital tools to make compliance quicker and more efficient by eliminating human error.

Broadly, Vatglobal offers the following VAT compliance solutions for eCommerce businesses

  • Comprehensive support to ensure VAT compliance;
  • Providing VAT-compliance software;
  • VAT-related advice.

The ultimate purpose of these services is to simplify the complex global VAT compliance and allowing companies to focus on growing their core business areas.


The final one on the list is Gorgias, an eCommerce helpdesk that aims to turn your customer service into a profit-making center.

The company researches customers’ needs and subsequently educates the merchants on the most effective ways to address them and develop the right tools to help them fulfill those needs.

By using Gorgias services, you can consolidate and centralize all your support tickets in one place. Also, you can edit orders, modify subscriptions, and make refunds from your helpdesk.

Your help desk can respond to customers who ask about your products by seeing your ads and posts. It will be easier to improve ad effectiveness and convert leads into sales.

You will also be able to track all sales that support agents generate through text messages, social media responses, and live chat on your website.

Closing Words

The bottom line is you need eCommerce business solutions, be it one or multiple platforms, they should fulfill your business needs, including inventory management, shipping, tracking orders, marketing, accounting, customer service, and other crucial functions. 

The listed business solutions can provide you a solid and comprehensive platform to streamline and enhance your services. These solutions will also help accelerate the growth process without worrying about technology, bandwidth, or capacity issues.

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