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France B2B e-invoicing will be mandatory

France has taken the next step into introducing mandatory B2B e-invoicing, which it plans to roll out in stages. 

A bill has been introduced outlining the imposition of mandatory France B2B e-invoicing for large firms from 1 January 2023.

The e-invoicing requirement will extend to medium-sized companies in 2024 and small businesses in 2025.

Companies are advised to ensure they have effective automated systems in place to ensure they can easily comply when the legislation comes into effect.   

As of 2017, France already requires e-invoicing for B2G transactions, requiring businesses to file invoices via the Chorus PRO electronic platform.

The Italian example

In order to comply with EU requirements, France is required to demonstrate the switch to mandatory e-invoicing will meet specified criteria, such as helping to reduce tax evasion.   

France will not be the first EU state to require mandatory B2B e-invoicing.  Italy successfully introduced mandatory e-invoicing in 2019.  

It stands to reason that further EU states will follow suit, and businesses should keep up to with invoicing requirements as they evolve.

Vatglobal is closely monitoring invoicing and compliance regulations in every EU jurisdiction. Our regional experts are available to clarify any VAT filing queries you have.

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