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France combats Tax Fraud: Fiscal Representation now Required for VAT Filing

The French Inspection Générale des Finances (IGF) has issued a report on securing the collection of value added tax (VAT) while combating fraud. reported on Tuesday morning that The IGF had made the following suggestions:

  • Implementation of VAT Split Payment: Collection of VAT by secure operators, in particular financial institutions.
  • Obligation to appoint a tax representative for non-EU established entities to guarantee the recovery of VAT claims. The Fiscal Representative has to declare VAT and would become jointly and severally liable). This obligation is considered binding by some e-commerce platforms, whose marketplaces are increasingly being used by foreign companies.

The need to appoint fiscal representation in France will add extra administrative burden to your business’s tax team. Vatglobal offers fiscal representation in France ensuring your business remains 100% VAT compliant.

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