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HMRC will now email certificates of status

HMRC is updating the way it issues certificates of status. When you request a certificate of status, HMRC will send it by email rather than by post. However, they will only do so if you have granted permission to email you, via HMRC’s informed consent form

UK businesses often require a ‘certificate of status of taxable person’ when claiming a VAT refund from another country.

Will HMRC always email certificates of status?

In cases where the country from which you are seeking a VAT refund requires a physically stamped document, HMRC will continue to send the certificate by post, even if you have provided consent to receive email. 

You can also specifically request to receive the certificate by post.

Requesting a certificate of status

Authorised persons of the businesses can apply for the certificate. In addition, an agent authorised to act on behalf of the business may also apply.

To request the certificate (form VAT66A), the business or authorised agent must email a request to HMRC (at, including all specified information. Among other details, the email must include the company’s VAT registration number. You must also include the country where the VAT refund is being made.

Cut out the red tape 

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