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Indian GST Compliance – Rates & Registration

What you need to know

The indirect tax system operating in India is extremely complex, with a number of different taxes applicable across the various states. These are VAT, CMS, and service tax. GST is due to be introduced in 2017.

  • Note that if certain supplies of services are made by a non-established supplier, GST will be remitted by the customer.
  • The application of the taxes and compliance obligations for businesses largely depend on the nature of transactions, along with the state, and status of the customer.
  • Indirect taxes are due upon the importation of goods into India.
  • A non-established business would need to register through a local representative).
  • VAT registration thresholds are dependent on State.


  • VAT returns: Monthly – Returns due on 15th of month following the end of period.
  • ‍Service tax: Half yearly – Filings due on 25th of month following the end of period.

Indian GST Rates & Thresholds

Rates Tax types Registration Threshold
12% - 15% (Standard) VAT, Service Tax N/A
15% Service Tax (Reduced)

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