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Netherlands introducing new customs declaration system

The Netherlands is switching to a new customs declaration system, replacing its current AGS system. The Netherlands’ new Declaration Management System aims to align Dutch protocols more closely with EU standards.

However, industry insiders are concerned that the DMS introduces additional complexity to the customs process. Specifically, shippers need to ensure they have software in place by the deadline. Shippers need technology that meets the requirements of the new multi-step customs declaration procedure.   

Netherlands customs processes are critical to EU trade

There’s a reason importers consider the Netherlands the Fast Lane to Europe. Among the benefits of importing into the Netherlands: the country is strategically located, and Dutch customs processes are extremely efficient and professional. Importing via the Netherlands is therefore often the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your goods to European markets.

The country also offers a number of tax advantages, notably the opportunity to defer VAT on imports

How does the new Netherlands customs declaration system affect my imports?

Shipping and logistics companies need to adapt rapidly to the changing requirements of Dutch customs authorities. However, if you’re importing goods into the Netherlands, the changes shouldn’t directly affect you, assuming there are no unforeseen teething problems.

A more cost-effective European import solution

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