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Norway’s electronic VAT returns: Are you ready for the new requirements?

Businesses registered for VAT in Norway need to ensure they have appropriate digital processes in place before the new year begins. Norway is replacing manual VAT returns with electronic VAT returns from 1 January 2022.

Businesses will manage Norway’s new digital returns online, using the SAF-T protocol. 

What are SAF-T VAT returns?

Standard Audit File for Tax (usually known simply as SAF-T) is an electronic data protocol based on XML that has already been adopted by a number of countries in Europe, including Germany, France and Poland. Adopting the protocol is part of a broader trend towards automating VAT compliance

SAF-T uses a set of standard codes to facilitate easy exchange of data between SAF-T systems. (Note, however, that Norway’s tax authorities use their own VAT codes.) If your business is required to file electronically via a SAF-T system, it is therefore essential that your VAT compliance technology meets the criteria defined by the relevant tax offices. 

Norway VAT deadlines unchanged

Norway’s digital VAT returns policy does not affect deadlines. Authorities did not change the deadlines for VAT returns and  general VAT obligations remain the same.

At the same time, Norwegian tax authorities say that there will be no extensions on the digital VAT return requirements. Businesses need to ensure they have the technology to comply with the new mandate in time to meet their 2022 filing obligations. 

How technology affects VAT management

The role of technology extends beyond simply submitting VAT returns. For example, new rules in France mean that non-EU firms must now submit electronic VAT refund claims, accompanied by scanned invoices. Previously, VAT reclaim in France involved submitting a raft of physical documents. 

The precise requirements for managing VAT are different in each country. Taxpayers therefore need flexible, up-to-date technology that enables you to optimise your VAT under any circumstances.

Powerful VAT technology for a digital economy

Vatglobal’s proprietary VAT compliance technology ensures you are always 100% VAT compliant, everywhere you have an obligation. Our cloud-based digital solution is efficient, secure and always up-to-date. Get in touch with Vatglobal to ensure your business has the technology you need to meet the latest VAT compliance demands. 

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