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Software as a Service

How it works

Vatglobal ensures your
business is registered

Data integration/
extraction with vsuite

vsuite ensures accuracy and integrity of information

vsuite prepares your return ready for submission

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vsuite toolkit

VAT compliance is complex and time-consuming. We created a suite of digital tools to automate and streamline the entire process.

vsuite is a culmination of a decade’s experience in helping international companies across a range of industries.

vsuite makes compliance seamless and rigorous by applying checks to ensure reports are accurate, managing workflow more effectively to ensure all deadlines are met, and providing businesses with timely and accurate information.

The vsuite toolkit works as an integrated system to provide a complete VAT compliance platform.


Fully automated VAT calculation, compliance and filing

vfile is a cloud-based workflow application that combines a workflow engine with custom-built VAT compliance rules to provide a seamless VAT reporting experience

vfile is offered in two solutions:

Managed Compliance: clients appoint Vatglobal as their tax agent. vfile is used to automate the compliance process.
SaaS: clients can use vfile to manage VAT registration themselves

  • Cloud-based software means no setup costs
  • File VAT returns and other statutory reporting in over 30 countries
  • Intuitive interface
  • Integrates with all accounting systems
  • Automated compliance checks
  • Connected to tax offices for electronic submissions

Enhanced Workflow

vfile is an intuitive workflow tool that makes tracking your VAT deadlines easy. Meeting your VAT filing deadlines is a fundamental compliance requirement. However, with multiple deadlines across numerous jurisdictions, keeping track of your filing schedule can become complicated. vfile presents all of your filing deadlines in one place. The software streamlines workflow by both categorising deadlines and making it easy to communicate and coordinate with your team. Optional email reminders ensure you never miss a VAT filing deadline. vfile is easy to set up and simple to use. It’s the smarter way to ensure your tax team works together in a coordinated, effective way.

Tax Code Wizard

VAT compliance and reporting is impossible without a robust and accurate set of tax codes or transaction types in your accounting or ERP system. vfile’s Tax Code Wizard uses artificial intelligence to help you determine the exhaustive set of transactions that need to be classified in your systems to ensure VAT compliance. The user-friendly interface ensures that all your entities and jurisdictions are set up correctly, ensuring vfile can process your data precisely and the compliance rules-engine can do its job.

VAT Reporting

Prepare and submit VAT Returns and EC Sales lists in seconds.
Submitting VAT Returns without software is time-consuming and resource-intensive. vfile streamlines the process to a few simple steps. The technology doesn’t just make filing easier, it’s more reliable: vfile’s rules-engine runs complex data checks to ensure the return is precise and compliant.

vfile makes filing your returns as simple as 1,2,3:


Upload your transactional data  with the vfile template.


Data tests and error checking to make sure the filing is 100% accurate.


Send your filing directly  through vfile.

vfile also securely stores filings and provides rich analytics so you gain a detailed picture of the company’s VAT position.

End to end compliance

  • Guidance on which jurisdictions require compliance
  • Outsources VAT/GST Registrations
  • Automated VAT Reports
  • Backdated filing to ensure historic compliance
  • Simple 3rd party integrations
  • Fiscal representation
  • Ongoing compliance support
  • Liaise with the tax offices and tax agents
  • VAT consulting
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Automated error checks
  • Automated File My Deadline reminders

Our expertise in international VAT compliance is unmatched

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