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Managed Compliance Solutions

Managed Compliance outsources the burden of VAT compliance to our expert team. This option is ideal for businesses that lack the resources or specialised personnel to manage the complexities of multi-jurisdictional VAT compliance.

We register your company for VAT in all relevant jurisdictions and review your transaction data to resolve any compliance issues.
files VAT returns on your behalf and manages all communication with the relevant tax offices. At all times, your dedicated account manager is available to assist with any technical or compliance questions. As your tax agents, we keep you informed of all our correspondence with relevant tax authorities and ensure you are up to date with your VAT position.

Vatglobal’s Managed Compliance service is tailored to meet the strategic objectives of every client. Harnessing our unparalleled global compliance expertise, supported by powerful technology, we act on your behalf to:


Register your business for VAT in all relevant jurisdictions


Integrate your filing with our proprietary vsuite technology


Submit all relevant filings to ensure compliance is always achieved


Managed VAT

Effective VAT registration involves a comprehensive understanding of the country-specific and regional regulatory frameworks and bureaucratic demands of the relevant jurisdictions. That often means liaising with the relevant authorities in a local language as well as navigating a multitude of documentation.

By managing this process for you, we not only make multi-jurisdictional compliance much easier to achieve, we also ensure that there are no errors and omissions in filing or compliance.

Managed registration includes: 

  • A complimentary assessment of VAT registration obligations
  • Advice on registration dates and types
  • Guidance on all documentation and information required
  • Translation services, as required
  • Review of all relevant registration material to ensure full compliance is achieved
  • Preparation and submission of all application forms
  • Establish an online submissions portal
  • Managing all correspondence with the relevant authorities

In some circumstances, there may be additional registration requirements. Our team will assess and manage any additional requirements, including:

  • Obtaining an EORI number
  • Fiscal representation
  • Import VAT deferment schemes
  • Bank guarantees/security deposits

Integration and

Once registered, you will be required to file periodic statutory declarations. Notably, you will be required to file a periodic VAT return (usually monthly or quarterly), summarising all taxable transactions in the specified period.

Businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions face several complexities.

Not only must they ensure reports are filed accurately and on time, but different reporting formats are required in different jurisdictions. There are also variances in the information required.

Businesses may also face additional reporting requirements, depending on country-level or regional regulations.

Vatglobal streamlines the entire process, expertly assessing your reporting obligations across all jurisdictions and integrating your filing with our proprietary cloud-based software to ensure speedy, accurate and compliant VAT declarations.

Our services include: 

  • Expert advice on all relevant periodic submission requirements
  • Providing a standard data template
  • Integration with our specialised cloud-based platform for information sharing, reminders and easy file transfers
  • Ongoing compliance advice relating to transactional VAT treatment, exchange rates and invoice requirements
  • Review and analysis of data and underlying documents
  • Preparation and submission of all statutory reports
  • Managing all correspondence with tax offices

How it works


Data extraction

Using our dedicated vsuite portal, transactional data for VAT returns can be easily uploaded for processing.


VAT Return Submission

We have developed APIs that integrate with local tax offices, making submission of returns as simple as logging into vsuite and clicking a button.


Account Management Team

Our team is comprised of our most specialised tax consultants and expert support staff to ensure even the most complex regulatory requirements are met.



In accordance with European legislation, any business that stores inventory in distribution centres in one or more member states has a VAT obligation.

All online sales are immediately taxable in the country or countries where the ‘fulfilment centres’ or warehouses are located.

A second registration obligation can apply when total sales pass a specified threshold. In those instances, you will have to register for VAT in the countries in which your customers are based.

In practical terms, here’s what those obligations can look like for an e-commerce business:

  • If you use Amazon’s FBA service, you will be required to register in the country of each fulfilment centre you use.
  • Use of Amazon’s Pan FBA service requires immediate registration in 7 countries.
  • If you sell to customers in Europe through your own website or via an online platform (such as Amazon or eBay), you are required to register in all countries where you hold stock.

If sales exceed the specified VAT registration thresholds in an EU country, the “Distance selling” principle applies, and you will be required to register in each country in which the threshold has been exceeded. The registration threshold can vary from country to country.

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VAT, GST and import registration

Vatglobal offers VAT registration in over 50 jurisdictions around the world. Our dedicated registrations team will liaise with you to ensure the applications are submitted as efficiently as possible and we will take care of every part of the process.

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Filing wherever you need it

Our dedicated account manager will file VAT returns and other statutory reports on your behalf in every country where a VAT regime exists. Simply ensure sales data is sent to us and we will manage filing.

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Your dedicated account manager

While we have custom-built advanced technology to ensure accuracy, the complexities of transnational VAT compliance make it important to have access to expert VAT consultants to provide assistance and resolve any problems.

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Access to our unique portal

Our managed compliance service means that we manage the complexities of VAT compliance for you. We recognise the importance of making the process fully transparent, providing you with all the data you need.


Digital Services

The rapid growth of cross-border digital services has transformed the global economy and profoundly affected the regulation of services

Uniquely, we have the expertise to assist with indirect tax matters in almost 100 jurisdictions around the world.

These regulatory demands mean that companies providing digital services now face potentially onerous costs in time and money. Find out how Vatglobal’s Managed Compliance for Digital Services makes meeting your VAT obligations simple, efficient and cost-effective.

In the past, if a company supplied services from one country into another jurisdiction, there generally would be no foreign VAT implications. The rise of digital services as a central feature of the world economy has altered the rate and scale of cross-border services, with huge sums of money now flowing between countries.

Consequently, a growing number of tax offices impose consumption taxes (VAT/GST) on the supply of digital services by non-resident companies.

The intolerable costs of non-compliance

Despite the apparently onerous cost in time and money involved in meeting multi-jurisdictional VAT compliance requirements, the cost of non-compliance is worse.

However, while neglecting these VAT obligations risks intolerable financial and reputational cost, not all businesses have the resources or capacity to manage all the demands of compliance. Vatglobal’s Digital Services Managed Compliance option was especially designed to make meeting the complex and dynamic regulatory requirements cost-effective, efficient and transparent.

As global VAT specialists we have unmatched expertise, practical experience and technological capacity to ensure you meet all your obligations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We make your complexity simple

A dedicated account manager is assigned to every client to act as a single point of contact to manage everything, no matter how complex your operations or the array of jurisdictions in which you face compliance obligations.

Harnessing our global network, we liaise with VAT offices in all relevant jurisdictions, in local languages, and manage all registrations and filing according to the regulatory requirements of the relevant countries.

A one-stop outsourced solution

Our Managed Compliance option comprises a comprehensive service that manages every aspect of your compliance requirements, from registration to filing to ongoing engagement with the relevant authorities. Additionally, our support desk is always available to answer all your queries.

Our Digital Services Division is specifically focused on the dynamic shifting regulatory challenges faced by digital services companies operating across global jurisdictions.


compliance services

  • VAT/GST Registrations
  • Guidance on which jurisdictions require compliance
  • Complete the VAT registration from start to finish
  • Indirect Tax Reporting (VAT/GST returns, statutory filings)
  • File all periodic VAT/GST returns
  • Backdate filing to ensure historic compliance
  • Fiscal representation
  • Act as fiscal representative where required
  • Ongoing compliance support
  • Liaise with the tax offices and tax agents
  • VAT consulting
  • A dedicated account manager

As a specialist company, our expertise in
international VAT compliance is unmatched.

As a technology-driven company, we ensure that expertise is supported by cutting edge digital tools
to make compliance faster and more efficient and eliminate human error. The ultimate effect is to render the
complexity of global VAT compliance simple, allowing our clients to focus on growing the core areas of their business.

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