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The One Stop Shop (OSS)

If you sell goods online to customers in the EU, you will likely benefit from the new e-commerce OSS.

The e-commerce One Stop Shop (OSS) provides a single consolidated service to manage e-commerce VAT compliance for online sellers in Europe.

Who is Impacted by the OSS?

Online sellers who store goods in one EU country and fulfil all orders to consumers across the EU from this single territory. It may also apply for businesses who provide B2C services and event organisers.

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What is the Impact?

The seller may no longer require multiple VAT registrations in the EU and can opt into a simplified single registration filing.


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More on the One Stop Shop (OSS)

Online sellers dispatching their goods from a single EU country to consumers across the EU currently have to register for VAT where the customer is based if certain revenue thresholds are breached.

From July, these so-called ‘Distance selling’ registrations will no longer be necessarily required. Instead, they may opt to register in one EU member state using the new OSS registration. The seller does not need to file returns in all the EU countries, but simple reports all sales in the OSS filing and remits the VAT due to a single VAT authority, which then forwards the taxes to the appropriate countries.

Whilst this sounds like an obvious decision for e-commerce sellers who currently have (or might require) multiple distance selling registrations, it may not be the best solution for your business in certain circumstances.

As a specialist company, our expertise in
international VAT compliance is unmatched.

As a technology-driven company, we ensure that expertise is supported by cutting edge digital tools
to make compliance faster and more efficient and eliminate human error. The ultimate effect is to render the
complexity of global VAT compliance simple, allowing our clients to focus on growing the core areas of their business.

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