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Reverse Charge mechanism

Deep Dive into the Reverse Charge Mechanism

The EU created the concept of the reverse charge mechanism to make it easier for both sellers and buyers to account for the VAT correctly without requiring foreign VAT registrations or having to go through the arduous process of cross-border VAT recovery. Most sales between EU member states will be subject to a reverse charge. […]

VAT on Admission to Events

VAT on Admission to Events

Businesses supplying admission to events must be aware that this will often present a VAT registration obligation in the location of the event. There are special rules that govern the services that surround events, exhibitions and conferences in the EU. There are various streams of revenue associated with an event, including advertising, sponsorship and sales. [...]
A Comprehensive Digital Business VAT Registration Guide

A Comprehensive Digital Business VAT Registration Guide

If you’ve just started a digital business or have been growing your start-up over time and are beginning to reach an earnings threshold where you will need to register for VAT, this can be a somewhat daunting process. Small businesses, and those that are growing at a steady rate, are more susceptible to VAT compliance [...]
Amazon API

Amazon API

If you sell goods online via Amazon, you will need to download relevant sales reports from Seller Central in order to file VAT returns. vatglobal automates this process using an API. An API is simply a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access another service. Amazon allows accredited businesses [...]
PaaS and VAT

PaaS and VAT: A Growing Industry with growing tax pitfalls

The rapidly evolving PaaS (Platform as a Service) industry has experienced significant growth in recent years as more organisations look to leverage the potential of cloud capabilities with agility and flexibility.  For example, the worldwide public cloud services market is forecast to grow 17% in 2020 to a total of $266.4 billion, up from $227.8 […]

Customs Clearance - Who can act as the declarant?

Customs Clearance – Who can act as the declarant?

Importers must consider the practical issues relating to customs clearance. Many countries require that you appoint a local agent to act as importer of record - this is independent of VAT compliance The EU legislation relating to the importation of goods by businesses who are not established in the EU is very complex and varies [...]

What is VAT Recovery?

Non-resident businesses are sometimes entitled to cross-border VAT recovery on costs incurred in certain jurisdictions.  However, the cross-border VAT recovery process is cumbersome and complicated so millions of euros go unclaimed every year.  What are the principles of cross-border VAT recovery?  In order to encourage international trade, the EU created special mechanisms that allow businesses […]

EU VAT number registration

EU VAT number registration: What You Need To Know

Introduction If your business is operating or selling goods to EU member states, you are obligated to apply for an EU VAT number registration. Furthermore, depending on the services or goods you sell, you may also need to register in multiple EU member states. The registration requirements vary from country to country but all follow […]

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