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VAT Registration for B2B Businesses

The process of applying for a VAT registration in a foreign jurisdiction can be complicated, especially if your company does not have a permanent establishment in that territory.

Vatglobal will provide you with a simple checklist of the requirements for making this application. Once we receive all the necessary information and documentation, we will complete all the necessary forms (in the local language) and liaise directly with the VAT authorities to obtain the VAT number on your behalf.

Once you have appointed a tax agent or fiscal representative, the process to apply for a VAT number in an EU country is very complicated. Each tax office has its own set of unique requirements and all information is presented and must be submitted in the local language.

You will be required to collate all the required documents, translate them into the local language and provide all supporting information (which differs per country).

Finally, the relevant forms must be completed accurately in the local language and submitted according to the specified procedures. If everything is 100%, the tax office will issue the VAT number within 2-6 weeks – however, it is very likely that they will come back with queries or requests for additional information.

Vatglobal takes care of the whole registration process:


  • List of requirements is presented to the client online with ability to upload the docs for approval.
  • All docs and information will be translated on your behalf if required.
  • Our registrations team will collate all information and prepare the application forms.

The registration pack is submitted directly to the tax office and our registration team will deal with all correspondence to ensure the VAT number is issued ASAP.

Download the Enterprise VAT Guide
Download the Enterprise VAT Guide
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