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Vatglobal’s 3PL VAT solution

Supply chains can be messy, complex and unpredictable. That’s too bad, because modern e-commerce depends on speedy, predictable delivery, with no disruption to supply. No wonder many online sellers depend on third-party logistics providers to manage the logistics of getting products to customers. 

3PL providers help manage the complexity of e-commerce supply chains. As logistics specialists, 3PL providers take care of inventory, warehousing and delivery much more efficiently than most e-commerce sellers could manage on their own. 

But here’s the thing. While 3PL makes your supply chain simpler, it raises a number of VAT complexities. You’ll need to carefully manage those complexities to ensure both that you are fully VAT compliant and that your compliance process is as simple as possible.

Fortunately, Vatglobal’s 3PL VAT solution makes it easy.

Why you need an integrated 3PL VAT solution

If goods originate outside the country, you need to import them. That means shipping, customs, and import VAT need to be effectively managed. Failing to do so will result in penalties, inefficient VAT management missed opportunities to reclaim VAT. You could even see your goods turned away at the border. 

Then there’s warehousing. In terms of EU regulations, you need to register for VAT in the country in which your goods are stored. If your 3PL warehouses your goods in fulfilment centres in several countries, then you will likely have to register for VAT in all those countries. 

Not least, you need to account for the VAT on the sale of goods. And that means registering for  VAT, in the most efficient way, and regularly calculating and filing VAT returns.

Leave the complex stuff to the experts

  • VatGloba’s 3PL VAT Solution is a full import and customs solution. Vatglobal will manage your import VAT, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to recover your VAT. Where possible, we will take advantage of VAT deferments. Vatglobal will register you for VAT, ensure ongoing compliance, and work to enhance cash flow. 
  • Import logistics. If you use vship as part of your import solution, you will be able to easily coordinate your shipping and secure the best logistics rates. 
  • Vatglobal will register for VAT on your behalf everywhere you have an obligation. Our expert team will ensure you are always compliant and, where required, calculate and file VAT returns.
  • We will provide strategic advice on the best way to account for VAT on sales. Whether you use the EU’s new e-commerce One Stop Shop or opt for multiple VAT registrations, Vatglobal will manage all the bureaucracy and ongoing compliance requirements. 
  • We will correspond with local tax authorities on your behalf and deal with audits and queries. 
  • Digital tools for a digital economy. Vatglobal’s proprietary VAT compliance technology makes it easy to collect, prepare and file all the documentation you need to meet your VAT obligations. Our built-in AI even automatically error checks your documents. 
  • A dedicated account manager. Your account manager is always available to provide advice, information or to manage problems.

When you outsource your compliance to Vatglobal, you get a centralised VAT team that considers your business as a whole. 

If your company relies on 3PL to simplify complex supply chains, you probably need an end-to-end solution that ensures you are 100% VAT compliant at every point. Get in touch with Vatglobal for a 3PL VAT solution tailored to your business.

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