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Vatglobal’s Fast Lane VAT solution: The essential Netherlands import service

For importers, the Netherlands is undoubtedly the fast lane to Europe. It’s the ideal hub through which to get your goods where they need to be, as fast and efficiently as possible. Of course, navigating the complex bureaucracy of global trade is no simple matter. That’s why Vatglobal has developed a complete import solution that puts you on the fast track to the fast lane. 

The Vatglobal Fast Lane VAT solution is the effortless way to minimise costs, eliminate delays, get your goods to market with unprecedented speed, and ensure you are always 100% VAT compliant. 

What makes the Fast Lane so fast?

Before we dig into the details of The Vatglobal Fast Lane solution, let’s get a clearer understanding of what makes Netherlands such an optimal EU import hub.

First, the Netherlands is strategically located close to major European markets. France and Germany are less than 500km away. There is easy road access to those and other major European markets from Dutch ports and freight hubs. 

Second, the country’s import logistics are world-leading. Whether you import by sea or air, you are assured of effective and speedy processing. In addition, customs procedures are famously efficient. That means you can get your goods through customs and delivered to their destination in a single day. 

Third, Dutch regulations provide numerous benefits for importers. For example, mechanisms such as Article 23 enable you to defer import VAT.

Slice through the red tape

Importing goods is complex at the best of times. Moreover, in some cases you actually require an agent on the ground. For example, in order to acquire an Article 23 license (which allows you to defer import VAT) you must appoint a fiscal representative.

As part of our Fast Track solution, Vatglobal will act as your fiscal representative. In fact, we’ll manage every part of the VAT compliance process. That means registration and filing. It also means ensuring you take advantage of preferential mechanisms wherever possible.

Then there’s the customs bureaucracy. EORI numbers, commodity codes, customs declarations. We’ll take care of that, too. And that means you avoid potential penalties, prevent delays and get your goods where they need to quicker and more cost-affordably.

Full compliance, everywhere

Our import solution ensures your goods aren’t stopped at the border. But Your VAT compliance obligations aren’t restricted to one location, either.

If you are shipping your goods to other markets, you will likely encounter additional obligations to register and account for VAT. Whether it’s due to warehousing for e-commerce sales or any other commercial activity, Vatglobal’s complete VAT solution considers the totality of your business operations and optimises your VAT compliance in every country in which you have an obligation.

World-class logistics, lower freight prices

Vatglobal clients can choose to take advantage of vship, a complete shipping solution. Leveraging our extensive network of contact, and experience in Europe, we are able to secure the most competitive shipping rates. It’s a massive advantage in a highly competitive market. 

Accelerate your trade

If you import goods into Europe, Vatglobal’s Fast Lane VAT solution is the service you’ve been waiting for. Get in touch to learn more about how we can optimise your imports. 

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