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Vatglobal’s Integrated VAT and Shipping Solution

Suppose you need to get your goods from Country A to Country B but you also want to ensure you find a VAT and shipping solution to do so. Your primary concerns will naturally be shipping customs, and VAT compliance. Perhaps the shipping process will be complex, involving a combination of air, sea and road freight. And your goods may pass through Country C on their way to their final destination. 

Managing those complexities is, obviously, beyond the capacity of any non-specialist company. Therefore, a  solution that manages both elements of the import process – shipping and VAT – will be extremely valuable to any importer. 

But there’s a key to securing even more value. An integrated solution that considers your VAT compliance and shipping needs together – and optimises your imports holistically. 

A total supply chain solution

Vatglobal’s integrated VAT and shipping solution analyses your complete supply chain. We ask: what’s the most effective shipping route for your goods from a total customs, VAT and logistics perspective?

Let’s consider a scenario. You source your products from a factory in Shenzhen. Now you need to get your goods to a fulfillment centre in Berlin. What’s the best way to manage the process? The answer is not necessarily ‘the shortest point from A to B’. 

After all, you need to choose the shipping method most suited to the goods in question. Then, you want to get your consignments into Europe as quickly as possible, but that’s as much a question of customs clearance as it is of logistics. Furthermore, you’ll need efficient customs procedures. You want to pay the lowest amount of customs duties and import VAT possible. Lastly, you need an effective method to reclaim your VAT.

Accelerate your trade

In the scenario above, Vatglobal’s Fast Lane to Europe would likely be the optimal import solution. The Fast Lane is a shipping solution that uses the Netherlands as a strategic point of entry into the EU. The solution leverages the Netherlands’ beneficial regulatory and customs environment and proximity to major European markets. 

Vatglobal’s customs experts would ensure your goods get through the border as quickly ass possible. At the same time, Vatglobal registers you for local VAT and ensures you are fully VAT compliant. Our team will also  make sure that you take advantage of beenfical mechanisms such as VAT deferment.

Simultaneously, Vatglobal would secure the most competitive shipping costs through our vship solution. The vship team would seamlessly coordinate sea freight and road freight, ensuring goods get to their final destination as efficiently as possible.  

By considering shipping, customs and VAT together, you secure value beyond the sum of those component parts.  

The fine details

As a customised solution, Vatglobal’s integrated service will look different for each client, depending on their goals. 

However, an effective VAT and shipping solution will likely include all or some of the following. The  Vatglobal team will manage your compliance, providing: 

  • VAT registration 
  • EORI number
  • Fiscal representation where required
  • Import VAT deferment where applicable 
  • Calculation and submission of VAT returns
  • Management of tax office communication and audits
  • VAT payment processing where required

Your dedicated account manager is always available to provide clarity and guidance or to help resolve any issues. 

And, as a Vatglobal client, you will also have access to our proprietary vsuite platform, a single secure platform to manage all your VAT compliance needs. At the same time, vship secures you access to the most cost-effective shipping and logistics. 

Most importantly, Vatglobal will consider all the totality of the regulatory and logistical challenges to ensure there are no weak links in your supply chain. Get in touch with Vatglobal for an end-to-end solution tested in the real world. 

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