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Vatglobal’s IOSS solution: An easy way to use the Import One Stop Shop

For e-commerce sellers that drop ship to customers in the EU, the  new Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) is welcome news. However, while the IOSS simplifies VAT compliance, meeting the requirements of the IOSS is still technically demanding. But luckily, Vatglobal’s IOSS solution makes it easy.

What does IOSS compliance involve?

The IOSS applies to the imports of low value goods that are shipped directly to the customer. In those cases, the IOSS greatly simplifies VAT compliance and improves the shopping experience for customers.

In order to take advantage of the IOSS, businesses need to 

  • Register for the IOSS (in the appropriate EU member state) 
  • Charge the applicable VAT at the time of sale (this will differ depending on where the customer is located
  • Provide the courier with correct IOSS number
  • File regular digital VAT returns, correctly accounting for VAT on sales throughout the EU
  • Appoint an intermediary if the  business is not established in the EU

An effective IOSS solution will therefore:

  • Provide expert guidance on where to register, and your corresponding obligations
  • Register for the IOSS on your behalf
  • Supply effective technology to facilitate digital filing 
  • Act as an intermediary where required

A complete outsourced IOSS solution

The IOSS has been designed to simplify your VAT compliance. So why does it sound quite complicated?

Vatglobal’s Managed Compliance solution makes it easy. We’ll register your for VAT, calculate and file complete and accurate returns, and ensure you are always fully compliant. We will also act as your intermediary when required.

Moreover, our proprietary VAT technology makes it easy to prepare and submit all the documentation you need for digital VAT filing. 

It’s thus a real world IOSS solution that ensures your IOSS compliance really is simple.

One team for all your compliance needs

E-commerce retailers often operate in multiple markets, using different channels. You therefore may have VAT obligations in several jurisdictions.

Vatglobal’s VAT compliance team can manage all your VAT needs throughout Europe, or anywhere else in the world. 

Furthermore, we provide a single point of contact to manage your VAT compliance, everywhere you have an obligation. In short, it’s the simple solution to the complex problem of global VAT compliance.

Get in touch with Vatglobal to simplify your VAT compliance and optimise your e-commerce supply chain.

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