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Vatglobal’s OSS solution: The simplest way to use the One Stop Shop

Vatglobal’s OSS solution is a simple and cost effective way to take advantage of the new e-commerce One Stop Shop.

The OSS simplifies compliance

E-commerce has for some time presented something of a VAT compliance headache. Online sellers need to carefully monitor distance selling thresholds. Often, they must register for VAT in several countries. It’s a logistical and regulatory challenge, with plenty of opportunity for accidental noncompliance (which can mean very real fines and penalties).

The EU’s new e-commerce VAT package aims to simplify the process. One of the most important innovations is the One Stop Shop (OSS), which simplifies VAT compliance on intra-EU e-commerce.

Using the OSS, you can account for your sales throughput the EU with a single quarterly digital VAT return.

An integrated OSS solution 

That said, simple doesn’t always mean straightforward. The OSS is a new system, and companies will thus need to ensure they have the processes and technology in place to meet the OSS compliance demands. 

Vatglobal’s OSS solution makes OSS compliance simple. 

We’ll manage the registration process for you. And then we’ll ensure ongoing filing and compliance. Our team will calculate and file your OSS VAT returns, accounting for VAT on all your sales. 

Our powerful digital tools even make the bureaucracy a breeze. Moreover, Vatglobal’s proprietary VAT technology integrated with your existing systems, making it easy to collect and submit all documentation needed for digital filing. 

And, of course, your dedicated Vatglobal account manager is on hand to answer any queries and provide expert advice. 

Vatglobal offers one port of call – for everything 

The OSS applies to goods that originate in Europe. E-commerce businesses using the OSS will therefore often make use of fulfilment centres in various locations. In such cases, the company will still have an obligation to register for VAT in the countries in which their goods are stored.

Note also that the OSS does not replace your domestic VAT returns. You need to account for domestic VAT separately.

Moreover, retailers may need to account for VAT in different ways, depending on how goods are supplied to customers. For goods that are located outside of the EU at the time of sale, and are shipped directly to customers, the import scheme applies

To optimise your VAT compliance, you therefore need a single solution for all your obligations. 

Vatglobal’s centralised team will provide expert guidance and manage each aspect of your VAT compliance requirements. It’s the simplest solution to all your VAT compliance obligations. 

Get in touch with Vatglobal to take advantage of the new OSS and ensure you are completely VAT compliant, everywhere you have an obligation. 

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