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Vatglobal’s Premium FBA VAT Solution

If you run an e-Commerce business selling through Amazon, you have VAT obligations which means you’ll probably need an FBA VAT solution too. That’s a near certainty. Chances are, you have to comply with VAT regulations in multiple countries. A storage and shipping service like Amazon’s FBA makes VAT compliance requirements become even more complex. 

Sounds intimidating? It doesn’t have to be. Vatglobal’s complete VAT solution for e-commerce sellers makes global e-commerce VAT compliance a breeze.

A centralised team of specialists

Vatglobal’s centralised team offers one central point of contact for your VAT compliance obligations. We’ll register you for VAT everywhere you have an obligation, and ensure ongoing compliance.  

The process is made even easier by our proprietary VAT compliance technology. You can securely upload all documentation using our digital portal. The system even error-checks your paperwork for you.

Plus, our team is always on hand to help you source missing documents and to advise you on how to access the information you need to stay compliant.

We understand all the complexities of FBA

FBA raises a number of complex and technical VAT issues. As your goods will be warehoused in multiple countries, you will immediately incur multiple VAT obligations.

Then there’s the question of import VAT and VAT on sales made through the Amazon platform. Vatglobal’s e-commerce specialists will provide you with full clarity on how all these components fit together, and ensure you are always fully compliant.

We understand the big picture (and the details)

A complete e-commerce FBA VAT solution requires a thorough understanding of global and regional policy. In addition, you need practical knowledge of each relevant country’s VAT practice.

Our global network combines high-level VAT policy analysis with deep experience helping companies manage EU and country-specific VAT regulations. 

A Personalised FBA VAT solution and advice

When does it make sense to register for VAT? Should you use the new OSS? How can you best manage cash flow?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Your dedicated account manager will carefully assess your whole business and provide tailored strategic advice. 

The power of vsuite

Vatglobal developed vsuite, a secure, transparent and open platform to share data and enable you to communicate with your account manager. The cloud-based technology provides an overview of your VAT account and a simple view of all registrations, deadlines and payments. You can also review VAT returns and make payments.

Not only does our technology integrate with your existing systems, we also facilitate electronic VAT submission wherever possible. Wherever possible, we have developed APIs that integrate with tax offices to make digital VAT returns a breeze. 

A technology-driven solution for technology-driven businesses

Companies choose FBA because they value a convenient one-stop e-commerce supply chain solution. 

Vatglobal’s complete FBA VAT service is the perfect complement for any business that uses FBA or sells its goods online. Our human expertise, supported by world-leading VAT compliance technology, makes the complex problem of global e-commerce VAT compliance simple, easy and efficient. Get in touch with Vatglobal to see what we can do for your e-commerce business. 

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