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vship Makes Customs Clearance Simple and Affordable

If vship simply ensured that customs clearance was quick and efficient that would be an invaluable service for any importer. However, vship goes beyond managing the everyday bureaucracy of shipping. Vatglobal introduced vship to maximise value when importing.

Specifically, vship is an integrated service that eliminates inefficiencies and identifies opportunities. Let’s consider some examples. 

Optimise your import VAT 

Wherever possible, vship will ensure you don’t have to pay import VAT. For example, our VAT team will take advantage of Article 23 in the Netherlands or using Postponed VAT Accounting in the UK. We’ll make the process seamless, managing VAT registration and ongoing compliance for you.

Consolidate customs duties

Unlike import VAT, customs duties cannot be reclaimed. However, there are cases in which you can gain a cash flow benefit from deferring your customs duties payment. This can be especially useful if you import regularly. We can manage the whole process for you.

Don’t overpay at the border

Your vship team will ensure you use the right commodity codes, and that all your paperwork is in order, so that you never pay excessive customs duties or import VAT. 

We’ll also make sure you never miss a chance to claim tariff-free trade, when eligible.

Eliminating customs clearance bottlenecks, everywhere

There’s little value in clearing customs quickly if your goods just sit in a warehouse. That’s why vship coordinates customs and shipping processes to ensure your goods clear customs efficiently and then are immediately despatched to their ultimate destination.

Leave the red tape to us

Customs clearance involved a thicket of red tape. From EORI numbers to customs decorations to all the supporting documentation you need to meet local import regulations. 

We’ll handle all the complex paperwork for you. No less importantly, our extensive shipping experience means that we are deeply familiar with local procedures. If any problems occur, we can manage them on the ground, in real time. 

Crucially, you don’t have to worry about any of these fine details. The vship teams manages it all, ensuring the whole supply chain runs as efficiently and affordably as possible, from start to end. 

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