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vsuite is a VAT compliance platform.

Users can access the vsuite platform securely via the cloud wherever they are in the world, and above all it is a place for people to come together and collaborate. vsuite brings together users, applications and other resources in one ecosystem for efficient and transparent cooperation.

Our Product Offering

Vatglobal combines global VAT expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide integrated VAT solutions. Our cloud-based software helps businesses automate VAT compliance in over 50 jurisdictions.

vsuite is the backbone of our service and clients can interact with it in two way:

We provide a true one-stop-shop VAT compliance solution. This includes setting up new VAT registrations, integrating clients’ systems with our VAT reporting software and management of the compliance and filing process if required.

The vsuite toolkit

vsuite is a collection of cloud-based VAT applications engineered by Vatglobal to automate the VAT compliance experience.

We developed vsuite based on a decade of experience helping international companies meet their VAT compliance needs, across a range of industries and in multiple global jurisdictions.

Automating compliance is about more than speed and efficiency, we have developed digital tools that also make the process more rigorous: applying checks to ensure reports are accurate, managing workflow and processes more effectively to ensure all deadlines are met.

vsuite makes international VAT compliance simpler and more efficient, while eliminating the risk of human error.

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Prepare and submit VAT Returns, ECSLs and Intrastats in seconds.

Submitting VAT Returns with conventional software is time-consuming and resource-intensive. vfile streamlines the process to a few simple steps. The technology doesn’t just make filing easier, it’s more reliable: vfile runs complex data checks to ensure the return is accurate and free from errors.

Meeting your VAT filing deadlines on time is one of the most basic compliance requirements. However, with multiple deadlines across numerous jurisdictions, keeping track of your filing schedule can become enormously complex.

With vfile, all your filing deadlines are visible in one place. The software streamlines workflow by automatically categorising deadlines, and makes it easier to communicate and coordinate with your team.

Plus, optional email reminders ensure you never miss a VAT filing deadline. vfile is easy to set up, intuitive to use, and is the smart way to ensure your tax team works together in a coordinated, effective way.

vfile makes filing your returns as simple as 1,2,3:


Upload your transactional data with the vfile template.


Data tests and error checking to make sure the filing is 100% accurate.


Send your filing directly through vfile.

vfile also securely stores filings and provides rich analytics so you gain a detailed picture of the company’s
VAT position.

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A one-stop resource for the latest VAT knowledge
Now anyone can become a VAT expert.

VAT compliance is highly complex, even for tax professionals. Sourcing accurate and up-to-date information can be difficult, and there is usually no certainty that the material is reliable. vlearn is a VAT compliant knowledge platform that solves all these issues.

vlearn offers accessible, clear and comprehensive information on all relevant VAT topics, grounding theoretical VAT information with practical references to relevant VAT legislation and case law. From general VAT principles down to precise and relevant country-level VAT rules and procedures, vlearn is your accessible source for all the information you need to stay on top of VAT compliance.

vsuite makes international VAT compliance simpler and more
efficient, while eliminating the risk of human error.

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